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Tearfund Photograph Exhibition

We will be hosting a Photograph Exhibition from Tearfund in the Small Hall on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th March.  The Exhibition presents a series of beautiful images by Chris Hoskins, which share the moving experiences of 14 girls whose lives have been transformed as a result of the project.

Around the world, more than 700 million women alive today were married as children. More than one in three, which is 250 million – were married before the age of 15.

In Malawi, the figures are startling. According to the Malawian government, half of girls will be married by their 18th birthday, with some as young as age 9 or 10 being forced to marry.

Over the past 7 years, Tearfund’s church partner, LISAP has been working in Karonga in Northern Malawi to put an end to this practice and provide opportunities for young people to reach their full potential.

Please come along and see this moving exhibition of photographs.

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