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Membership Matters

Later this month you will be receiving a pack on the theme of Membership, in preparation for what we have called Membership Matters Month being held in September this year. These will either be handed to you at Church or delivered to your home by your Elder.

We encourage you to take time to read and reflect on the literature and booklet within the pack, and to make every effort to be with one another as a congregation as we worship on Sundays.

The covering letter inside will give an outline of what we plan to do in September, with three special services and bookstall, and a lunch. We will take time this September to remind ourselves of what Scripture says about being a Member: the privilege, responsibilities and blessing that accompany being a Member of Christ’s Church and locally as a Member of Renfrew Trinity Church.

Please pray for Membership Matters Month and all that we will do as a congregation in the weeks ahead.

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  1. Ann lister says:

    Looking forward to details

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