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Latest News about attending Sunday Services

We are delighted to tell you we are now allowed to use the back and side galleries of the church. This lifts our available places on a Sunday to over 70 whilst still observing social distancing.

The Scout Group Centenary

“The Scout Group will be celebrating its 100th birthday on November 21st this year and we’d love to share what we’ve been doing with you.

It’s been a busy hundred years and although 2020 has been unlike any other, there has, in essence, been no change from previous years in that the Group has not stopped running and continued to meet its aims.

The leadership team continues to develop a programme for young people which has allowed them to meet outdoors whenever possible throughout the last year and been online when outdoor meetings weren’t an option. Activities (although curtailed by Covid 19) have seen the group taking part in (Covid safe) wide games, Guy Fawkes event, orienteering challenges, other outdoor challenges, science experiments and badgework. We have even produced activity packs for the holidays which included, amongst other things, treasure hunts, kits to build a hovercraft, cocktail stick engineering, grow your own sandwich challenge and newspaper engineering challenges”.  

With all that in mind, as we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of all who’ve been through our ranks, if you, or anyone you know has any memorabilia available for borrowing, would like to see what we’re doing now, or come along to any of the events planned for the anniversary year please don’t hesitate to look at the Group’s website, or contact us for further information on

Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid Week is being held between 10th and 16th May this year. Find out more about their activities and consider donating to them here:

Thank you.

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come iis a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to know Jesus. For 2021, the event will be held online from Ascension Day on 13 May until Pentecost Sunday on 23 May.

This year we are all encouraged to pray for five people that they might come to know the love and blessings of God.

Free materials that include a Prayer Journal written by the Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell, a family adventure map and videos for all ages are available on the Thy Kingdom Come website. Congregations are encouraged to use and adapt these materials.

The Moderator of the General Assembly, Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair, is encouraging everyone to take part this year and has sent a letter inviting congregations to embrace the event.

Easter Sunday

Please join us for our Easter Sunday live-streamed service at 11.15 am:

Good Friday

Please join us for our live-streamed Good Friday service at 7 pm:

Easter Services

Light for Lives – the Kirk honours loved ones lost to Covid

Kirk joins in prayer for first anniversary of lockdown

Join us on Sunday at 7 pm for prayers

This Sunday (14 March), following the Scottish Government’s announcement that churches can re-open for restricted communal worship later this month, Christians across the country – and further afield – will once again join together in prayer and reflection at 7pm in response to the pandemic.

Praying hands standing beside white curtained windows

As with previous weeks during lockdown, 15 Christian churches and organisations across the country, including the Church of Scotland, have co-signed the letter calling for prayer.

Scottish Christians have been continuing to answer the call to pray at the same time each week, and Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, has been taking part alongside them.

“There are some things which make sense for a certain period of time but which come to a natural conclusion – such as clapping for carers during the spring lockdown. Prayer isn’t one of them,” Dr Fair said.

“The Apostle Paul encourages us to ‘pray without ceasing’ and Jesus himself offers parables where persistence in prayer is lauded.

“It can be hard to keep going when there’s no end in sight; much easier when the finishing line comes into view. In the case of the pandemic, it still feels as if there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

“All the more reason then for God’s people to continue faithfully in prayer. And even better when we can pray across the whole of the Church, unrestricted by denominational divides.

“If Sunday at 7pm is in your diary, keep it there. Thank you. If it hadn’t been, it would be great to have you involved. It matters that we pray.”

This week’s letter accompanying the prayer, which is also available in Gaelic states:

“We have endured much during these past months. Personally and communally, we have endured challenges which we could not have anticipated, or imagined, even a year ago. We have endured much and undoubtedly there have been times when the limits of our endurance have been tested.

“Woven into this has been the recollection of that which has also endured, the steadfast love of God. The Psalmist recalls the people of God to a remembrance of the ‘steadfast love’ of the Lord which ‘endures for ever’. (Psalm 107: 1)

“As we remember and recall, we bear witness to the truth that the love of God spans the whole breadth of our lives and embraces all that we experience and endure. This is given supreme expression in the self-giving of God in Jesus Christ: ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son’. (John 3: 16)

“In all we have endured and will endure, the ‘steadfast love’ of the Lord ‘endures for ever’ in the God whose love is revealed in Jesus Christ.”

We pray:

God whose love endures
And is revealed in Jesus Christ,
May we hear the words of the Psalmist
Who calls us to remember:
The steadfast love of the Lord endures for ever.
Lord, in Your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

God whose love endures
And is revealed in Jesus Christ,
Be with us in all we endure at this time.
Grant that we may know Your love
In days of light and in days of shadow.
Lord, in Your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

God whose love endures
And is revealed in Jesus Christ,
Be with all who find themselves
At the limit of their endurance
And embrace them in the depths of Your enduring love.
Lord, in Your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

God whose love endures
And is revealed in Jesus Christ,
As a mother comforts her child
May You comfort all who call upon You.
Hear us, as we give thanks for all who have nurtured us in this life.
Lord, in Your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

God whose love endures
And is revealed in Jesus Christ,
Grant to us a vision of a community and society
That will endure in times to come
And hear us as we pray: Thy Kingdom Come.
Lord, in Your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

God whose love endures
And is revealed in Jesus Christ,
May we live our lives
In response to the gift of the life of Your Son
In whose life is love embodied.
Lord, in Your mercy,
Hear our prayer.