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Easter Sunday 2020


Easter Sunday 2020: Welcome to our online Easter Devotional


Call to Worship: Alleluia! Christ is Risen.  The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia!


Thine be the Glory

Pray: Give thanks to God for today, when by his power Jesus is raised from the dead: conquering death.  Pray that the Lord will use today and, as we come to this time of devotion, we come in spirit and in truth as a true worshipper.  Pray for the Lord to examine our heart: for anxious thoughts, for any anger or bitterness, for our lack of faith, for fear of others.  Ask for His forgiveness, praying for His real peace and the deep joy that because He lives, I can face tomorrow and trust Him at all times.

Christ the Lord is risen today


Children’s Video


Reading: John Ch 20 v 24-31 (page 1089 NIV)



See what a Morning


Reading: 1 Corinthians Ch 15 v 1-11 (page 1155 NIV)


Low in the grave He lay


Short Devotion:

Come people of the risen King


Pray: Bless God for this day of Christ’s resurrection, the disciples saw him, the tomb was empty, new life is offered through forgiveness and the hope of eternal life in Him. Pray for a faith which says like Thomas to Jesus “My Lord and My God”. Pray through this crisis there will be those who will come to faith in Christ. Pray, giving thanks for those who are key workers out with the hospitals, who are serving in shops, emergency services, utilities, and Care Homes. Remember those in our congregation being cared for in Nursing Homes and for their families at this time. Pray for one another.

Blessing: “I am the resurrection and the Life”, says the Lord. Let Christ’s rising lift your spirits and gladden your hearts. And Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit bless you now and forever. Alleluia Amen. …………………………………………………….


New Resources

Free showing of Pilgrims Progress animated all age movie (excellent!)

Coronavirus and Christ (free book) by John Piper

Daily Bread on Kindle


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