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How to access the church podcast

What is a podcast?

Older members of the congregation may remember listening to adventure series on the radio: Dick Barton Special Agent, The Man in Black, Listen with Mother, and many others.  These were serials that you tuned into each week to hear the thrilling ‘further adventures of …’.  Well, podcasts are a bit like that.  They are ‘shows’ which have weekly episodes that you can listen to and follow.  You can listen to individual episodes online or you can choose to ‘subscribe’ to a podcast, where you can access the whole series and automatically get notice of new episodes.

What is on the Church Podcast?

At the moment, you will be able to hear all the sermons/devotions and Bible readings since the Coronavirus lockdown.  So if you’ve missed a Sunday, you can go and listen to the service on our podcast.  The podcast will act as an accessible archive for our services.  This will be useful, when the Minister is leading us through a series of lessons on particular passages of the Bible.

How do I access the Church podcast?

If you have used podcasts before:

Section 1

Go to the Church website: From here, select the Media and Resources tab on the top menu, you will see a list of resources. Click on podcasts, and that will take you to our hosting site.  You can see our episodes there and select one or two of them.  You will also be given an option to subscribe to the Church podcast. Subscribing costs nothing and it just means that in future you click on your podcast icon and all episodes are easily available to you. And new episodes will go straight to your podcast app, so you don’t need to even visit the church website to get them.

If you’ve not used podcasts before:

Section 2

A. You are using an iPad or an iPhone, scroll through your screen and you will see that you already have a podcast app pre-installed.  It’s a purple icon.  So now all you have to do, is follow the instructions in Section 1 above .

B. You are using an Android device – a tablet or smartphone. You will have to install a podcast app to subscribe to the Church podcast.  First of all, go to the Google Playstore and search for podcast apps.  There are a range of these available: Pocket casts (free), Google podcasts (free), Podcast addict (free option), Podbean (free), and many more.

Select on of these and complete the information to download the chosen app.  An icon will now appear on your screen for you to access your podcasts.  Now follow the instructions in Section 1 above.

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