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Good Friday Service

Good Friday

Friday 10th April 2020

Welcome to our Good Friday online service when we will be taking John Ch 19 for our devotions.

Call to Worship:

We are the ones who strayed away like sheep! We who left God’s paths to follow our own. Yet God laid on Him the guilt and sins of every one of us”. Isaiah Ch 53 v6


Today as we think of Christ and his suffering and death on the cross in our Good Friday devotional, we stand on holy ground. Pray we may remember who he is and what he has done for us. Pray we offer our worship in deep gratitude and trust.


Here is Love


John Ch 19 v1-15 (page 1087 NIV)


There is a Green Hill


John Ch 19 v16-27 (page 1088 NIV)


Beneath the Cross of Jesus


John Ch 19 v28-37 (page 1088 NIV)


When I survey

Listen to: The Power of the Cross: Kirsty with Theresa, Margaret and Ian


John Ch 19 v38-42 (page 1088 NIV)

Short Devotion:


Pray over what you have sung and heard. Remind yourself of the worldwide church today on earth which by faith and grace we belong to, who also have been giving thanks for Jesus sacrifice on the cross. Pray for all in this Pandemic who feel alone and are suffering. Give thanks for the medical and caring ministry going on in hospitals and community. Pray that there will be those who will come to a living faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


I stand amazed



May you find in the cross a sure ground for faith, a firm support for hope, and the assurance of sins forgiven. And may the blessing of God go with you, now and forevermore. Amen



For Further Reading:

Psalm 22

Isaiah Ch 53

Reflection and Further Resources

Read again Matthew Ch 21 v1-11 and ask the following, is there:

A Light Bulb: This should be something that ‘shines’ from the passage – whatever impacts most or draws attention.

A Question Mark: Anything that is difficult to understand in the text, or a question the reader would like to ask the writer of the passage or the Lord.

An Arrow: A personal application for the reader’s life


New Resources week beginning 5th April:

The Goodbook is offering a free kindle book of the Month: Alistair Begg: Pray Big:               is offering its Christian films, documentaries, Children’s TV animated stories, for free.                                              (A ministry of Christian History Institute and Vision Video.)

NIV Audio Bible app with David Suchet aka Poirot is FREE on both Apple and Android devices until Monday April 6th

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