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Sunday 12th July


Call to worship:

Immortal Invisible


Children’s Story


Children’s Chorus: I have decided to follow Jesus


Reading: Galatians Ch 5 v16-26 (page 1172 of NIV) read by Margaret

Reading: Colossians Ch 1v1-13 (page 1182 of NIV) read by Margaret


Listen to: “Great is thy faithfulness” by Kirsty, Margaret and Ian, Debbie, Claire, Isabel, Gary, Margaret and Frances


What a Faithful God have I


Living a Fruitful Life: The Fruit of the Spirit (6): “Faithfulness”



Prayer: Pray over what you have heard: Pray asking the Holy Spirit to help us grow the fruit of Faithfulness as a Christian in our life before others, to the Lord who is Faithful to us, and to His Church, as God’s people where we have promised our Faithfulness. Give thanks for the people who have by their lives, in their work, have been there for us and especially through this crisis. Give thanks for the heroes of faith who have been examples to us of persevering faithfulness through trials of all kinds and times of persecution. Remember the work of Barnabas Aid as they support Christians whose faithfulness to Christ is at a great personal cost. In their prayer diary for July 12th it says: O Lord who commanded Joshua to be strong and courageous, make us brave and bold to face a post-Covid future in which so much that is familiar and normal has changed, perhaps for ever. We praise You for Your mighty resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead, and we ask for You to empower us and our persecuted brothers and sisters to face whatever is to come. May we glorify You by our lives in the post-Covid world and reflect the character of Your Son Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray. Pray as the Task Group continues to work on having plans in place for re-opening. Pray for the family of one of our members Bessie Murray who died during the week.


When the Roll is called


Blessing: “To the only wise God be glory for ever through Jesus Christ!” Amen Romans Ch 16 v27



Free viewing of the film: Tortured for Christ: True story of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand 14 years in prison

Children and Family resources: Free viewing of Torchlighter series: Stories of the heroes of faith

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