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Sunday 14th June

Call to worship:

”You have made known to me the path of life, you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. Psalm 16 v11


As the deer pants for the water

Pray: The Psalm on which this song is based is Psalm 42. He thirsts to know God, “for the living God. “That is the way we too must approach and worship Him, to know He is God and He is Living. Pray that the Holy Spirit would make our heart like the Psalmist’s today and every day, conscious of His presence, seeking to know His love and grace in our lives, eager to learn how to walk with Him. Maybe you come to this devotional today and that thirst is no longer there, or we know we have thirsted after other things first rather than the Lord. Then seek for and know the joy of the assurance of His forgiveness. The psalmist remembers too how he used to go with the multitude to the house of God. Come to the Lord in prayer giving thanks for His goodness, his blessings, and His gift of memory of being gathered one with another and that He would instil the thirst among us to do so once again. He says more than once his soul is downcast, but then reminds and encourages himself His hope is in the Lord. Perhaps in faith, or life generally, you are downcast today. If so do not despair, like the Psalmist turn your heart thoughts into prayer for He is a prayer hearing God. Remember His promises and that our hope is in Him. Pray and give thanks for the gift of His Son, who for the joy set before Him endured as Saviour the cross and its shame for us, that we may have hope of new life and eternal life through Jesus the risen and ascended Lord. Pray we may adore Him and hear the voice of the Living God through this devotional.

Children’s Story


Children’s Chorus: I’ve got that Joy


Reading: Galatians Ch 5 v13-26 and Peter Ch 1 v3-9 read by Angela





Listen to: “How lovely on the Mountains” performed by Kirsty, Theresa, Margaret and Ian, Gary, Debbie, Claire, Isabel, Margaret and Frances



Jesus put this song into our hearts


Living a Fruitful Life: The Fruit of the Spirit (2): “Joy”



Pray: Pray over what you have heard today. Pray that the joy of the Lord would be our strength. Pray the Holy Spirit will work in our life and upon our character, bearing fruit to be the people He calls us to be, and finding out what pleases the Lord. Today we should have been together for worship and the Lord’s Supper sharing the bread and wine. Remember the joy Jesus gives to all who come to Him and know Him. Pray for our world at this time which needs to know this joy. Continue to pray for wisdom for the decision makers during the pandemic. Give thanks for those who bring us joy as friends and family. Pray for one another in the congregation who are working from home, or living on their own, who are caring for someone else, or who are weary or discouraged at this point of the Lockdown. Pray for His Church in the world which is undergoing persecution, or through Covid19 like ourselves, which cannot meet and still scattered, or who have now been given permission to prepare to gather again.


O Lord my God when I in awesome wonder


Blessing: “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans Ch 12 v12

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