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Sunday 18 October


Listen to: Jesus what a beautiful name



Call to Worship and Prayer



 To God be the Glory 


Children’s Story


Children’s Chorus


Reading: John Ch 9 v1-41 read by Margaret



O my soul arise and bless your maker


Follow the Signs to Jesus: The signs in John’s Gospel(6): “Was blind but now I see”



Pray over what you have heard: Give thanks for the Lord Jesus. Give thanks for the gift of sight and remember those who are physically blind today. Pray for the work of charities such as the RNIB and Guide Dogs UK. Pray for someone we may know who is partially sighted or blind and to think how we may help them. Pray for medical missions and Christian medical missions who dedicate themselves to help those in other parts of the world who have problems with their sight. Pray asking the Lord to open our eyes that we might see and worship Christ, the Son of God. Pray for the preaching and teaching of His Word that through it, spiritual eyes will be opened to the good news of Jesus. Pray for one another as a congregation, for those struggling with the isolation, who are fearful. Continue to pray for unity and perseverance through these times of trial. Uphold the family of Mrs Isobel Salmond one of our members who died last week.


Amazing Grace


Blessing:  “Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love. Amen ”

Listen to Amazing Grace: One song: 50 countries   Brilliant!

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