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Sunday 1st November


Listen to: Purify my Heart



Call to Worship:



Praise my Soul


Children’s Story


Children’s ChorusJesus love


Reading: Luke Ch 10 v38-Ch 11 v13 read by Debbie



Seek ye first


“Serving and Savouring Jesus”



Pray over what you have heard: Ask that the Lord will give you wisdom to serve Christ with a selfless, sacrificial spirit. Pray for forgiveness where you have put yourself, your opinions or pride first, than seeking first the kingdom of God, his righteousness and his glory. Pray we may take the time to learn and listen to His Word as a professing disciple of Christand as a Church. Pray where you can best serve the Lord Jesus and His Church with your time and gifts. Remember the life of Trinity if it is your Church family. Pray for one another, and pray for the worship service for those who gather in person each Sunday, and for theministry of the online devotional on the website that God may use them to deepen our trust in Him through this time of trial. Pray for those who are in the hospitality industry facing uncertainty and are anxious about their job or business. Pray for those struggling with illness or fear. Pray for America as it votes this week who will be their President. Remember the family of one of our members Mattie Currie who died last week.

Barnabas Fund Prayer for November 1st: Bring hope O Lord to your suffering people. In their anguish and pain be their hope. Ring hope to your persecuted people. In their despair be their hope. Bring hope O Lord to your needy people. In their hunger and thirst be their hope. Bring hope to your dying people. In the hour of their death, be their hope. In the name of Jesus, our hope. Amen.


 When we walk with the Lord


Blessing: “The Lord be with your spirit. Grace be with you.” 2 Timothy Ch 4 v22

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