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Sunday 20 September



Call to Worship:



You’re the Word of God the Father


Children’s Story


Children’s Chorus: When the road is rough and steep


Reading: John Ch 5 v1-18 read by Joanne



O for a thousand tongues to sing


Follow the Signs to Jesus: The signs in John’s Gospel: (3): “Do you want to get well?”

Pray over what you have heard: Give thanks for the Lord Jesus. As we think of the scene at Bethesda on our heart today, we remember in prayer before God our Father those we know who are living with ill-health, in hospital or nursing home, or in their own home. There are those who are able to help them as much as they can, carers, hospital staff, and family. Give thanks for their work, serving and love. Pray for those who are in dark places today, who carry pain or sorrow, and who believe life is without hope or not worth living because of this time we are living in. Pray remembering all who have been affected in losing their job, who are fearful, who are lonely. Pray for Christ’s Church both here at Trinity and beyond that, through us and them, the living hope to be known in Jesus Christ will be evident and shared in this crisis. Pray for new Christians who have come to faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Pray for the building up of one another as Christians in faith and love.


Meekness and Majesty


Blessing: “Let Christ the Son of God be known in and through you that your lives are a witness to others of Him, and the blessing of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, be with you. Amen”

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