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Sunday 27 September

Introit: All Heaven Declares

Call to worship:

At the name of Jesus


Children’s Story


Children’s Chorus


Reading: John Ch 6 v1-15 read by Frances


Break thou the bread of life


Follow the Signs to Jesus: The signs in John’s Gospel: (4): “A sign for the Hungry”


Pray over what you have heard: Give thanks for the Lord Jesus. Give thanks to the Lord God for the food we will have today. Remember God’s grace and provision praying as Jesus taught “Give us this day our daily bread.” Pray against an attitude of grumbling. Remember those who go hungry. Pray for the ministry of Foodbanks at this time, particularly the work of the local Renfrewshire Foodbank and all whom it serves. Pray for those who work in hospitality providing food and the impact which the virus restrictions are having on their jobs, businesses and their personal lives. Pray for those which are based in Renfrew. Pray that God’s Word may be heard and read in our nation as well as across the world, to hear of Jesus Christ, the one who alone can satisfy. Pray that the Lord will provide for our need as a Fellowship here at Trinity while we cannot meet as we used to, or want to. Pray that each of us as well as corporately consider how to spur one another on towards love and good deeds during this difficult time for everyone. Pray if you are a professing Christian that you will not walk away from Jesus and His Church in heart or life, but renew our commitment of faith in Him, the one who alone has the words of eternal life.


The Servant King


Blessing: “Father in Heaven, by the power of your Spirit, give us strength to live out the message we have heard today of your Son, Jesus Christ, the true Bread of Life and to you Father, Son and Holy Spirit, be the all the glory. Amen”

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