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Sunday 7th June


Call to worship: “Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise-the fruit of lips that confess his name” Hebrews Ch 13 v15


Blessed Assurance


Pray: Almighty God and our Father in Heaven, it has been our life to say with the psalmist I rejoiced with those who said to me let us go the house of the Lord. O God, We look back and realise the blessings which were ours and we took for granted. In this time of separation from one another and the place where we gathered, how we long to assemble once again together to offer you our sacrifice of praise through Jesus precious name by the fruit of our lips and our lives. Help us to behold you our God in these days. You are holy and eternal. Before you had formed the earth, You were there. You know all about us, when we sit down and when we rise up. You know our hearts, our thinking, our fears, our motives. You see what we do in secret when no-one is looking. Lord it brings comfort and also it shines a light into our soul. You desire truth in the inner parts. You see what is pleasing to You and what dishonours You as Your children. We ask this day for your forgiveness and mercy which you give to us through the crucified and risen Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour. We trust in and our hope is in Him alone for the forgiveness of our sin and to be reconciled to You. We thank you that we have known and experienced Your great Love to us. Help us by Your Spirit today to grow in the grace, knowledge and love of Jesus. Lord use this devotional to give to You the praise and honour and glory You deserve. Amen


Children’s Story


Children’s Chorus: Give me oil in my lamp


Reading: Galatians Ch 5 v13-26 read by David


Listen to: “Colours of Day” performed by Kirsty, Margaret and Ian, Debbie, Theresa, Isabel, Gary, Claire, Margaret and Frances


Take time to be Holy


Living a Fruitful Life: The Fruit of the Spirit (1): “Love”


Pray: Pray over what you have heard today. .Pray for the gift of the Holy Spirit to fill us with this Love for the Lord. Pray for a greater and deeper Love for His Church, His Word and one another. Pray for the Fruit of the Spirit in His Love to be known in us and through us this week. Today should have been the Junior Church and Messy Church Thanksgiving Service. Give thanks for the Leaders who served over the past session. Pray for the young families in the congregation and families who were coming to Messy Church. Remember them as they deal daily with the circumstances created by the Pandemic. Pray for the additional unfolding crisis in America which we are watching in the news, where there is much anger, sorrow, little love and reconciling language being used to ease tensions. The same is true for Hong Kong. As the Lockdown is eased, pray for those who are going back to their place of work. Pray for those who have had medical appointments and surgery cancelled through this time. Give thanks to the Lord for the help and support to us in small or significant ways by others through the Lockdown.


I will offer up my life


Blessing: “Peace to the brothers, and love with faith from God the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love.” Ephesians Ch 6 v23-24

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