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Sunday 9th August

Call to Worship: Let us praise God

How Great Thou Art – Winchester Cathedral


For the Children and the young at heart:

Josiah gets it right

66 Books in God’s Holy Word

Hidden Treasure

Make me a servant


Scripture Readings: read by Margaret

Luke 6: v27-38

Luke 9 v 1-6

Listen to:  Lord, You Have Come performed by Kirsty, Margaret and Ian, Gary, Claire, Isabel and Debbie.




We now turn to prayer with the exercise of our spiritual capacities.  Let us each speak our own prayers as we address them to the Creator God in Heaven, the one true God.
Topics to consider include:-
Praise and Worship. Confession and Repentance.
Thankfulness for Love and Mercies.
Our Concerns for the Bereaved and for those in Hospital or at home who are Chronically ill or Unwell and their families and support workers, doctors and nurses.
We pray for the Church and for the Nation, for the Town and for the people of Renfrew – That we might Live Healthy and Peaceable Lives in an Ordered Society. That God may have Compassion on us and Call Men and Women, Boys and Girls into The Way Everlasting.
For we ask our prayers  in and through the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
And All The People Said – – AMEN


The Church’s one foundation

The stranger of Galilee – Campbell Nicol


Scripture Reading: read by Margaret

Hebrews 2 v1-4


A time for renewal, how shall we prepare for a renewal, pay more attention to the things we have heard lest we drift away.



Immortal, Invisible

Doxology (to old 100th – pipe organ)

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