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Renfrew Trinity Church WiFi

We will shortly make our new Wifi Service available to the leaders of our church organisations and to members of the congregation.

We must ask you to agree to our Acceptable Use Policy and consider how your usage of our limited bandwidth will impact on others.

If you wish to use the Wifi Service, please contact Bill Lennie to sign the AUP and he will issue you with the Wifi password.


Acceptable Use Policy


The Wifi Service may be used for lawful purposes only and the User may not submit, publish, or display any content that breaches any law, statute or regulation.  In particular, the User agrees not to:

1. Use the Wifi Service in any way to send unsolicited commercial email or “spam”, or any similar abuse of the service;

2. Send email or any type of electronic message with the intention or result of affecting the performance of any computer facilities;

3. Publish, post, distribute or disseminate defamatory, obscene, indecent, or other unlawful material or information, or any material or information which infringes any intellectual property rights (for the avoidance of doubt, this includes licensed software distributed as Warez), via the Wifi Service;

4. Threaten, abuse, disrupt or otherwise violate the rights (including rights of privacy and publicity) of others;

5. Engage in illegal or unlawful activities through the Wifi Service;

6. Make available or upload files via the Wifi Service that the User knows contain a virus, worm, trojan or corrupt data;

7. Obtain or attempt to obtain access, through whatever means, to areas of Renfrew Trinity Church network or the services which are identified as restricted or confidential.

8. Operate or attempt to operate IRC bots or other permanent server processes.

If the User fails to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy outlined here, the Renfrew Trinity Church shall be entitled to withdraw the use of the Wifi Service from the User.

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